Recurrent calf and ankle pain in runners

The New Year is here and many of us are back on the road, getting the miles under our belt, some of us are dogged by recurring calf pain. Just as you’re starting to make progress, it strikes.  So you ease off or even stop running completely, and the pain goes away.  Then when you feel able to run again and increase your mileage, the pain comes back.  Sound familiar?



When there is a biomechanical cause of calf pain and running aggravates it, your poor old calf is often not to blame.  Whether your preference is for heel, midfoot or forefoot strike, the power to run comes from our powerful pelvic muscles.  If we are not able to harness this power, the calf muscles often take up the slack and become overloaded, or loaded in ways for which there are not designed for. 

So, when you want to look for a problem, you need to know where to look….

Such disruption to your normal running patterns is usually very subtle and often (but not always) originates in the foot, ankle, hip or thorax (upper back and ribs). 

As individuals we are all different, with a unique running styles.  At my Holborn and Canary Wharf clinics, I use the most up to date functional movement assessments to establish how you move, where you stride is most successful and how we can build on that success to allow you to run faster and pain free.

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