Bowskill Clinic, London 020 7486 6523

Q: What happens at the first appointment?

A: The osteopath will first take some administrative details followed by a full medical history. He will then discuss your current complaint with you.  The osteopath will perform some routine examinations based on the information provided in the case history. This will include assessing posture, examining the area specific to the complaint and then examining the body as a whole. You may be asked to perform simple movements, which will be demonstrated to you by the osteopath. Finally, the osteopath will explain his findings and give appropriate treatment.

Q: Can I claim the cost of treatment on my private medical insurance?


A: Lewis is registered with Pru Health, Cigna and WPA.  Before seeking treatment you will need to confirm with your insurance provider that the necessary cover is available to you and whether a GP referral is required.

Q: What should I wear for my appointment?

A: You can attend wearing your usual clothing.  It depends upon the presenting complaint, but patients are usually asked to dress down their under garments to allow a thorough examination.  Please wear comfortable underwear, or alternatively, you can change into sports clothing.

Q: How much does treatment cost?


A: Please contact Bowskill Clinic reception, for prices. Initial consultation  lasts up to 90 minutes.  Follow up treatments last for 60 minutes.  Home visits can be arranged, at an additional cost.