Bowskill Clinic, London 020 7486 6523


"I cannot recommend Lewis enough, I found him to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable.  He had a genuine passion for what he does and was able to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan for my back issues."

Jed N
Ultramarathon runner

"I have had problems with my knees for years, seen numerous physios, consultants and even ct scans. The conventional medical solutions involved taping both knees and outdated exercises which resulted in temporary relief. No attention was made to the actual underling cause. Lewis uses the latest movement based techniques to meticulously analysis the actual underling cause. For the first time (in a very long while) there is no pain and I think my (Sunday morning) tennis career in back on track. Highly recommended!!!"

Simon R 
Animator and tennis player






"Thank you for taking the time to work through the symptoms to discover the root cause of the problem. What was manifesting itself as a neck and shoulder problem turned out to be a rib out of place.
Without your knowledge and thorough investigation I feel I would still be having difficulty with it."

Anthony E 
Veteran Rugby Player


"I had a nagging hip problem for a number of years and was starting to wonder if it would ever get better. Lewis and I have been working through a rehab program and I am now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Mark L 


"Lewis goes the extra mile. End to end care is something I have struggled to find since moving to the UK 8 years ago. Lewis stood out as he not only resolved an old injury, relieving pain and discomfort, but he also strived to help me achieve future sporting goals by ensuring I came back stronger and more resilient. Basically his aim was to help me towards feeling better and stronger than I was previously."

Phillipa O 
Business analyst and national netball player